DF Retro: The Klonoa Saga – Every Game Reviewed – Part 1: The 90s

The NEW DF Retro finally emerges from early access, split into two parts. John Linneman and My Life in Gaming’s Coury Carlson join forces to revisit Namco’s Klonoa sage across the generations. A brilliant game series finally gets the attention it deserves with the full DF Retro treatment!

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00:00 – Introduction
02:59 – Vision 1-1: The Journey to Phantomile
12:45 – Vision 1-2: The Door to Phantomile
13:47 – Gameplay Discussion
18:43 – Graphics Discussion
29:44 – Sound and Music Discussion
35:37 – Narrative Discussion
40:09 – What’s the Best Way to Play it today?
45:02 – Vision 2-1: Night at the Museum (WonderSwan)