Frost Shades Franchise – Low Overhead & Low Cost of Goods

When looking to start a new business, there are many facts and details you want to take in consideration. Some of the most important things on your check list, are the following: Your start-up fees, your overhead, demand in your product, profit margins, simplicity and knowledge of the concept.

When you join Frost Shades, you will quickly see that our entire business concept is setup and focused on the above. The start-up fees are one of the lowest in the franchise arena and more importantly the overhead is right up there as well. Our model, is a Home-based concept without the need of warehouses, large inventory, big machines and huge overheads, thus allowing you to keep the costs down and the profits up.

The residential and commercial window tinting is a multi-billion-dollar industry and very much in-demand. By combining your commitment, drive and desire to succeed, along with our experience, support and training, we can you have you up-and-running within weeks.

The simplicity of this business is what makes frost Shades a standout in the franchising field. It’s simple to learn, simple to teach, and simple to run, thus resulting in simple great potential.