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Are you (or is someone you know) looking in to Franchising?
I’m a Franchise Analyst with 15+ years of franchise experiance.
Don’t let ANYONE speak to a franchisor without first using my free consultation services.
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In this video:
The 4 Main Business Quadrants
Franchise Educational Resources
Your Rights during the Franchise Investigation Process
Making a Quality Decision for You and Your Family
About Me. Jonathan Anderson
Jonathan Anderson is a Franchise Analyst and Franchise Consultant with over 15 years of franchise business experience and has spent his professional career as an innovator in the world of branding, integrated marketing strategies, business development, consulting, coaching and building a dynamic, successful business strategies.
Jonathan has been recognized among his peers as having an exceptional ability to build successful collaborative, mutually beneficial long term business relationships.
As a Franchise Consultant, Jonathan’s approach is simple; Educate, Empower, and Support
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