MSP Best Practices Series: The Business Plan


So you want to become an MSP. Maybe you are already an MSP and just want to get better. The managed services profession is an exciting, vibrant, and important community serving tens of thousands of customer organizations all over the world.  
Being a great MSP takes practice, patience, and a good amount of planning. That’s why we decided to create this series of short, instructional videos to help guide newer MSP organizations navigate the often complicated world of managed services.  
This series will take you through the very early stages of a pre-revenue MSP business model, all the way through some of the more advanced stages of delivering a managed service offering. We hope you find these videos insightful and helpful. 
The Business Plan 
Most people don’t like to hear this but the very first step you should take when deciding to become an MSP is develop and write a business plan.  
Provides structure for your MSP goals 
Prevents missteps and waisted resources 
Eliminates a lot of effort downstream 
Faster time to market