Scott Greenberg: The NEXT LEVEL Franchise Business Speaker

In today’s interview, we have as our guest Scott Greenberg, who is a one-part business game-changer, and one-part motivational leader. Fueled with over 10 years of experience as a multi-unit, award-winning franchise owner (Edible Arrangements). Scott practically wrote the book on what it takes to become NEXT LEVEL.
He understands first-hand what it takes to transform businesses from average to extraordinary. Scott has this uncanny ability to zoom in on a company’s opportunities and design game-changing steps to grow the business, build high-performing teams and create unforgettable customer experiences. If you want to take your franchise to the NEXT LEVEL, stay tuned for the full interview!

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00:00 Introduction
00:58 About Scott Greenberg
04:02 Q&A – Had you ever managed people?
05:13 Q&A – What is the number one question that you ask in a franchisee survey?
06:37 Q&A – Did you interview franchisees? Did you understand how happy people were with that franchise system?
08:18 Q&A – How long were you a franchisee in Edible Arrangements?
09:13 Q&A – What led you to open that second location?
13:13 Q&A – Any advice for a franchisee collaboration?
14:24 Q&A – How can franchise brands be more selective in having those wealthy franchisees that already have the mindset coming to their system?
18:58 Q&A – Is there hope for those franchisees that aren’t quote-unquote wealthy franchisees yet to convert their mindset and become wealthy?
21:12 Q&A – Any suggestions on the interpersonal side?
23:35 Q&A – How did you manage to have two full-time jobs?
28:44 Q&A – How can prospective franchisees avoid those franchise systems?
34:07 Q&A – Any big takeaways for franchise executives and how they can have a better culture where everyone rises?
36:57 Concluding Thoughts

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