Tint World Franchisees Must Get It and Want It (2022)

Charles Bonfiglio, CEO of Tint World Franchise Corporation, knows that in order to be successful in the franchise world you have to get it and want it. That’s why he looks for individuals who have a passion for the industry and are driven to succeed. In this interview, Patrick and Charles discusses what he looks for in potential franchisees and how Tint World is continuing to grow.

Visit their website: https://www.tintworld.com/

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00:00 Introduction
00:45 How did you get into the franchise space?
04:47 What attracts you to this industry?
09:36 Multi unit operator
11:35 What’s Tint World about?
14:10 Competition
16:21 How much does it cost for someone who wants to open a Tint World?
16:49 Time to open up, time to break even and time to make substantial income
19:04 What’s driving that growth?
21:14 Who are you targeting?
23:36 Do you have many franchises that open multiple locations?
26:30 Hiring employees
29:36 What are the metrics you are tracking?
32:27 What type of franchisee are you looking for?
36:06 Concluding thoughts

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